Food from Local Chefs in Your Area

We vet, research and connect you with the best chefs in your community so you can get restaurant-quality food within the comfort of your home.


Markitplace works with scheduled food delivery companies to provide you the widest array of food options. Our partners then deliver fresh food products straight to you. You can also be assured everytime you buy your money isn't going into the hands of some large corporation, but towards a small business in your community.

A delicious meal is only a few steps away


Markitplace acts as your search engine for meal kits and prepared meals from small businesses in your area. Choose your meal and read about the small business that you're supporting.



Our partners will deliver or ship your kit directly to your door. Unpack your box with premium, pre-prepared and certifiably fresh food products. Simply follow the included instructions and you'll have a delicious, home cooked meal fully prepared.

Eat & Enjoy!

Enjoy restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your home. With new, affordable meals every week from our network of partners you'll not only have access to a wide variety of meals, but you'll also be supporting your community.